Wednesday, July 2, 2008

so I moved

to typepad.......cause I'm a total whore.

check it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

blogger is

PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just saying.

that's all.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 more days of vacation

The only bad thing about vacation? You have to go back BOOOOO! Not that I feel like I have been gone. It seems I got a few days peace then for the past 5 I have spoken with someone from work everyday. Next time I am going away where the phone doesn't work.

So a few things...........Whore weekend was totally ABFAB! Kristi got in Thursday, DD got in Friday morning. I took the girls to DC for the day. Oh and what a day it was. It was super hot. All in all I think the girls had fun. A couple random pics from Friday.....

Cathy got in Friday night and we all got a good nights rest to go hit the expo Saturday morning. We seriously shopped till we dropped. We hit the Expo, 2 scrap stores, Walmart and AC Moore. We were hella exhausted. I was proud to say I spent the least. GO me! We got hella supplies at the expo I just couldn't get over how cheap stuff was! We had lunch at Red Robin and of course made Kelly and Sandy balloons cuz we missed our boos.

of course cannot forget DD's video apperance........I giggle everytime I watch it.

We stayed up till way too late scrappin Saturday night. I think Cathy may have even gotten up hella early and started again LOL. We had fun taking some last minute pics with all the girls. We also got some fun polaroids. Which of course I scrapped

We took Kristi to downtown Baltimore Sunday night for her last day in the city. We had a great dinner and got some good shots of the bay. Of course......nothing beats her prom pic with my hubs....

The rest of my week has been filled with sleep and scrapping. Bill and I went out last night and I got TRASHED omg it was so crazy. I had not drank like that in a long time. What was more rad it was the middle of the afternoon so I felt pretty good this morning LOL! I also found out this week that I once again made the CT spotlight over at A Cherry On Top and I won a gift card to their store for a contest I entered a LO for. Pretty cool fo sho! So I leave you with the randomness of my scrappaaaness from this week.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

racism on TV

Yano I don't usually say anything of importance on my blog, but today..I feel the need. My husband and I watch Pardon the Interruption on ESPN. The discussion today had a lot to do with racism. 3 topics actually......

Imus-basically saying on his show today that a NFL player was arrested numerous times because he was black. I don't know if it was taken out of context or not. Who knows considering Imus's history with racial remarks. PTI anchors Tony and Mike went back and forth about what he meant yadda yadda. I guess each in the end were not condoning what he said. From what I saw.

Johnny Miller- NBC PGA golf Analyst made a comment on the US OPEN about how Rocco Mediate looks like he could be the pool cleaning guy at Tiger's house. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he meant. Both anchors had no *clue* what he would mean by that. REALLY? I did, and I am not the smartest person in this world.

Last but not least, Shaq-Really....This was by far the most foul thing they discussed today. Shaq rapping about Kobi among other shit. Basically they came to the conclusion "it's Shaq, he's funny, everyone likes Shaq"

After each segment a commercial came on from Red Stripe. Yano that's their sponsor. Guess what commercial it was?

Does this seem hella hypocritical or is it just me?

Oh gets even better. I stick around to watch Sports Center. They played the entire Shaq video. I myself don't like Shaq or Kobi for that matter, and I used to be a Lakers fan. But this video makes me like him even less. My husband disagrees that this is racist. Maybe so. It was the cherry on my sundae (Props to Trudy).

I guess I don't understand how a show can sit and discuss racism and how its BAD and people don't think etc etc etc. Then play a commercial like 6 times at the end of every segment. Sorry this hit a nerve today for me. I even e-mailed PTI I was THAT pissed.

rant over.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

it's 1:30 AM

Do you know where your whores are?

UMmmmmmmmmmm......still up SCRAPPIN! lol.

More to come fo sho!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Holy Scrap, dude!

Ok I don't know if today could get any better!

1. Let me just start off and say I worked from home today. I don't do that often, but it really feels good sometimes to work in my PJ's!

2. My Nextel isn't working. BUHAHAHA. Which means no work calls are coming in. Hilarious if you knew how much my phone rang.

3. Bill came home at 12:30! I was like woah, wth! Nice though for sure, we are going shopping later and then to the pool to hang with his brothers.

4. SIS is having a online partayyy all weekend for those who cannot make it to their event in TN this weekend. WOOT! I am all ovah it.

5. Bill and Tori are off to Philly this weekend for a LAX tournament. Which means me......alone with number 6!


6. I got, count them, 4 boxes of SCRAPPY GOODNESS! I almost cried. So sad I know, but's all so cute!

*SIGH* I so heart my crazy little hobby. Before I start bombarding you with photo's please......go check out my post over at Gal Blog! I made such a cute little album! I will link the first picture here. The whole album is over there.

Now onto the goodies.....

Lizzie was my color swap girl! So fun, I have never gotten anything from her so I was super excited when I saw her name on the box. Oh and what a box it was! Check it out....

by far my favorite item in the PIZZA box!

Thank you so much Lizzie!!!!!!!!

Next up...Hambly ohhhhhhh yeah...they came today too!

Ohh and the very best for last. My Scarlet Lime kit's came today!!!!!! Christy is just so amazing really. These kits by far are my total fav! My problem is going to be NOT using them until the whores come next week. I doubt it will happen!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Post 74

Moving right along aren't I? Well it's been another fun weekend in the Chesnick house. Friday night Bill and I hung out on the stoop with our neighbors drinking and carryin on. I really heart our neighbors. We live in an interesting area and we just couldn't have asked for better folks next door! Saturday it hit a record high of 103 here with 85% humidity. OUCH! It's definitely not this hot June anyway! It felt like August! We braved it though and headed out to the In-laws to hang out and watch the Belmont. My horse came in 2nd. WOOT to me! Am I the only person who thought it was funny that Big Brown didn't win? I mean seriously....the pump up was a set up for the fail GADS! Pop's wanted a picture of Libby by his fountain and flowers. Why you say? I have no's Pop he gets whatever he wants.

Before we left I helped my MIL hang her pictures back up on her wall. She re-did her whole living room. It came out sooo good, I forgot to take pics!

So it's Sunday and I slept wayyyyyyyyyy late, like 2 o'clock late. My PCOS is wreaking havoc on me lately and I am dying to go to the doctor. 30 days till that happens! OY! We did however get the hallway floors sanded and Bill plans on staining them on Tuesday. So that only leaves me with painting the hall and livingroom before the whores come. Oh and he has to hang the doors. Otherwise they will have to shower etc with no door. Good for him, not for us!

Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh boy!

It was one of those days. So when Mj texted me and said I made the Catwalk ovah at Sis this week...I was in shock! WHOA baby! Thanks girl for making my day. Go check me out...

Oh AND.....I forgot, but I was in this months CT spotlight over at ACherryOnTop!

Check it~!

and at's JUNE! So yano what that means. Scrapgal's DT newletter is out and I can finally show off my ish!

Come play with us!

Monday, June 2, 2008

forgot to mention

We saw Lewis Black....



seriously, um seriously.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

For Trudy

The wedding photos........finally! LOL

Image hosted by
by MrsChez

Thursday, May 29, 2008

alright already!

I had no idea the amount of people who read my blog until I stopped posting for a month. Tons of family and friends who don't leave comments! LOL So life has been crazy per the usual. I have no time it seems and the time I do have it's like I am cramming everything I can into it.

Memorial weekend was Bill's birthday. So we road tripped up to Lancaster, PA to hang with the Amish. It was hella cool. We had such a good time. I am a travlin fool so it felt good just to get in the car and go and have no plan. So on Sunday we decided to go check out Fort Smallwood Park. It's a park on the bay where we live that was re-habbed. We took the dogs. They had such a good time. We came home and had a lil ghetto fab throw down with the neighbors it was quite fun.

Image hosted by
by MrsChez

We've been re-doing our floors slowly but surely. We moved our bedroom down into the basement for more room. I thought I wouldn't really like it, but I do! Plus I got to have that room as a new scraproom, WOOT! I am seriously in love with space! My homies Kristi, Deah and Cathy are coming in June for the GASC in Washington DC. So we will have a nice new space to scrap in, yay! Pic's to come on this one when it's done.

Last but not least....i'll spare you with all the pics of my scrappiness. It's a lot since I've posted last's a link to my SIS gallery. Oh yeah.....that's my new addiction.

I just love it over there!

Monday, May 26, 2008

oh my

it's been 22 days since I've blogged. That is a record for real. I'll be back soon to post hella pics...I promise! xoxo